OCT 18, 2023

17 Virtual Team Celebration Ideas for the Holiday Season


As the holidays approach, many business owners with remote teams are faced with the challenge of fostering togetherness and holiday cheer despite the physical distance. Fortunately, the wonders of technology offer many virtual team celebration ideas that can bring your remote employees closer together and create lasting holiday memories. 

Bringing the Festive Spirit Online


1. Gift Wrapping Virtual Parties: Turn the task of gift wrapping into a delightful, shared experience. Set a date and time for your team to gather virtually and wrap their gifts together. Share tips, show off your creative wrapping skills, and exchange stories behind the presents. 


2. Cookie Baking Virtual Parties: Baking cookies is a cherished holiday tradition. Why not bring this tradition online? Coordinate a cookie recipe that everyone can follow and bake and decorate cookies together virtually. It's a fun way to share recipes, showcase your baking prowess, and indulge in some sweet treats. 


3. Pumpkin Carving Virtual Parties: If your team enjoys Halloween, organize a pumpkin carving virtual party. Everyone can showcase their artistic pumpkin designs, compete for the best carvings, and even vote on different categories. 


4. Ugly Sweater Virtual Parties: Ugly sweater parties are a staple of holiday celebrations. Encourage your team to don their quirkiest holiday attire for a virtual ugly sweater party. It's a lighthearted way to show off your fashion sense and inject humor into the festivities. 


5. Costume Virtual Parties: Another idea that works for both Halloween and Christmas. Host a costume virtual party where team members can dress up as their favorite holiday characters or with homemade costumes, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere. 


6. Secret Santa Virtual Parties: Despite the distance, Secret Santa can still be a part of your holiday celebrations. Use virtual platforms to assign Secret Santa pairs and reveal gifts during a virtual party. 


Spreading Good Will Together


7. Collaborative Volunteer Efforts: One of the most meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays is by giving back to the community. Encourage your remote team to organize volunteer efforts in their local areas and share their experiences virtually. Whether it's serving meals at a shelter or participating in a local charity event, these actions can foster a sense of camaraderie and purpose. 


8. Group Charity Donations: Choose a charity that resonates with your team's values and designate a donation goal. Through this virtual team celebration idea, your team can contribute to the charity and witness the impact you can make during the holiday season. 

Bonding Across the Digital Divide


9. Online Holiday Cooking Class: Bring a professional chef into your virtual celebration to lead a holiday cooking class. Your team can learn recipes, cook together, and enjoy a virtual feast. 


10. Virtual Movie Nights: Host online movie nights where your team watches holiday classics together. Engage in real-time discussions and share your thoughts on the films. 


11. Holiday Tradition Documentaries: Explore the array of holiday traditions around the world by watching documentaries together. Expand your cultural knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the season's significance. 


12. Virtual Tours: Embark on virtual tours of holiday-themed locations or festive markets. Experience the magic of different places and traditions without leaving the comfort of home. 


Crafting Shared Experiences


13. Holiday Decor Sharing: Whether it’s the spooky season or the season of giving, encourage your team to decorate and share pictures of their adornments. It's a great way to showcase personal styles and create a virtual holiday tour. 


14. Holiday Book Club: Choose a holiday-themed book and host a virtual book club to discuss it. It's a wonderful way to engage intellectually while enjoying the holiday spirit. 


15. Recipe Exchange: Share cherished holiday recipes within your team. This culinary exchange can lead to new traditions and delightful feasts. 


16. Holiday Bingo: Create holiday-themed bingo cards with activities like "build a snowman," "sip hot cocoa," or "watch a holiday movie." Team members can complete these activities and share photos online. 


17. Music Playlist Collaboration: Curate a collaborative holiday music playlist where everyone adds their favorite seasonal tunes. Enjoy the diverse musical preferences that make your team unique. 


This holiday season, embrace the power of virtual team celebration ideas to foster connection, joy, and unity among your remote employees. From virtual parties and charitable efforts to shared activities and offline-to-online experiences, there's an array of ways to make the holidays special.

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