Don't Get Caught with Your Labor Posters Down

JUN 13, 2019 by JESSICA MARTIN  

Every state has requirements regarding labor posters being current and displayed in a highly visible place to your staff. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why these compliance posters are so important?


Labor laws are put in place to protect individuals and companies from negligence, misconduct and other possible violations. Federal, State and local laws change frequently, and it can be laborious to ensure that all employees are up to date on current changes. 


Labor law posters are the primary way to communicate these changes to your team clearly and concisely. When displayed in a frequented location, it ensures that both employees and employers have access and understand the laws that correspond to their rights and responsibilities.


Please note that simply displaying the most current posters isn’t enough. You must take the time to ensure that the posters are filled out with the additional required information per your state regulations. This may include postings of pay dates or worker’s comp policy information, for example.


Lastly, there is no obligation to announce changes to your staff. It is simply required that the most current version of the poster is always on display and easily available to employees.